doing yoga at your desk

Get Your Yoga Fix at Your Desk

We live in a busy, fast-paced world and for many of us, spending hours of our day sitting in front of a computer screen is our reality. While there is no substitute for leaving your desk and taking a walk, going to a yoga class, or squeezing in a quick workout to escape your day, sometimes there is too much to get done and it is simply not an option. Below are four exercises that can be done at your desk. With these gentle poses, you can break up your day, reset your body and your mind and invigorate your productivity without even needing to leave your workspace.

yogafor anxiety

How Yoga Can Kick Anxiety’s Butt

One of the top pieces of advice for anyone suffering with depression and/or anxiety is to get moving. Exercise can be a powerful antidote to many of the negative thoughts and feelings associated with these conditions, even if providing only temporary relief. That said, while in the throes of a depressive episode or crippling anxiety, even the walk from your bed to the bathroom can seem impossible, so a trip to the gym is often out of the question. In those kinds of states, I can fully convince myself that if I attempted even a light jog, I would have a panic attack and die. Yes, seriously. So best just to stay in bed, right? Thankfully, I got into yoga – specifically Bikram yoga – when I was in a relatively good place. That made it slightly easier to drag myself back to yoga after months of feeling too weak, drained and […]

B*tches Be Cray – My Mental Health Journey

If popular music and mainstream media are anything to go by, we all know that b*tches be cray. A throwaway phrase used to explain any behaviour displayed by one (usually female) human, that another does not – or does not care to – understand. But if we agree to ignore the distasteful and outdated language, there is an unfortunate truth in the phrase. Some b*tches really do be cray. And get this – some men be cray too! In fact, 1 in 4 of us – regardless of gender – will, at some point in our lives, be ‘cray’. Right now, I am one of the chosen ones. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety for around 5 years. Or at least, that’s how long it’s been since I had a diagnosis to explain what, to me, was just…well, me. Anyone who has both anxiety and depression will tell you […]