The Working Well

Workplace wellbeing is such a concern internationally, that the World Health Organisation have chosen it as their theme for 2017’s World Mental Health Day. It is estimated that £70billion is lost each year in the UK due to poor mental health, with both presenteeism and absenteeism posing problems to businesses. With 69% of individuals feeling that there is a stigma around mental health and 54% fearing that colleagues would judge them for having mental ill health, it’s time for businesses to step up and support their staff. The Working Well programme includes:

🌿 Audit of current employee wellbeing through anonymous survey, interviews and observation

🌿 Workshop with leadership and/or people team to understand results

🌿 Workplace wellbeing strategy with implementation support

🌿 Workplace wellbeing training for managers

Benefits of The Working Well:

🌿 Get honest feedback on how your people view the company

🌿 Show a commitment to staff wellbeing & improve your employer brand

🌿 Better equip your managers with the tools to promote team wellbeing and intervene when problems arise

🌿 Learn how to improve overall employee wellbeing, leading to better productivity and staff retention

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