With work/life balance becoming more like work/life mish-mash, awesome company parties and team events are becoming an expectation rather than a perk. Gone are the days of bland corporate parties that take place in a sorry looking hotel function room twice a year…these are the days of all expenses paid company trips to Ibiza 😎 #squadgoals will help you set up the kind of entertainment calendar that fits your company culture, and transforms your team from colleagues to work BFFs. The #squadgoals programme includes:

🎉 Review of current squad entertainment (if there is any in place)

🎉 Assess company culture through anonymous survey, interviews and observation

🎉 Delivery of entertainment strategy and year-long calendar

🎉 Social Committee creation and training

Benefits of #squadgoals:

🎉 Have a defined entertainment calendar for the year, which helps with time and budget management

🎉 Improve your employee engagement and employer brand

🎉 Ensure your company culture stays front of mind even in times of fast-growth

Get in touch to discuss how your business might benefit from #squadgoals!

This programme doesn’t include the actual planning and management of individual events…but you can also hire me for that!