Crazy Ambition Workshop

Crazy Ambition exists to support driven individuals in achieving professional success without compromising on their physical and mental wellbeing. When focusing on goal setting, targets, promotions etc. we rarely do this with our wellbeing in mind. Instead we focus solely on achieving certain milestones by certain dates, with complete disregard of how these actions, tactics or whatever you want to call them will affect us in real life. On the other hand, when talk about wellbeing, it’s all well and good to plan an hour of yoga every day along with 3 well balanced meals, along with some mindful activity or another every hour on the hour…but again, it’s important to think about your wellbeing in conjunction with your current career sitch and plans for the future. The Crazy Ambition Workshop can be delivered either in a half day or full day format, covering:

💡 Sanity – exploring what wellbeing means and the part it plays in career success

💡 Success – figuring out what success would look like on a personal basis

💡 Sustainability – coming up with a realistic action plan to go for professional and personal gold 👑

Benefits of the Crazy Ambition Workshop:

💡 Your team will feel motivated but not overwhelmed!

💡 Inspire future leaders to envision and plan their future at your company

💡 Solidify your commitment to staff development and wellbeing

Get in touch to discuss how your business might benefit from a Crazy Ambition Workshop!

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