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perfect imperfections

Perfect Imperfections: How to ditch perfectionism and thrive

‘Perfectionist’ is a term we throw around and, in some cases, revere. But for many of us, perfectionism is a daily battle that can become a hindrance rather than a catalyst for success. Come and hear from a panel of business leaders sharing their experiences with perfectionism, and how they have overcome it in order to thrive in both work and life.

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the womb room real talk

The Womb Room presents: #REALTALK

This is the third instalment in The Womb Room’s #RealTalk series, and focuses on everyday acts of self-care, why they’re important and how to implement them. This event is targeted at those who identify as female, and will explore topics through live talks, workshops, Q&A sessions and networking. Join my ‘How to define your self-care non-negotiables’ workshop to discover what self-care means for you, develop clarity over which activities are essential to your wellbeing, and learn how to implement them into your daily routine.

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Work and Wellbeing: Can we achieve success in both?

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is Workplace Wellbeing, so I’ve gathered a group of people from different backgrounds and with different career paths to talk about how we can lead lives in which work and wellbeing are not mutually exclusive.

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summer of change festival

It Starts With You: Self care in a busy world

I’ll be joining a panel of experts in coaching, digital detox, style and wellbeing to discuss the importance of self-care, and how we can introduce it into our frantic, always-on lifestyles.

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