Yoga at Home: 5 Steps to Get You Started

The benefits of yoga – everything from reducing anxiety to giving you a healthy heart – have been widely publicised and many of us have tried it at least once. But with high studio prices, busy lifestyles and the inaccessibility of yoga for some communities deterring many from practicing regularly, maybe it’s time we promote […]

3 Steps to Self-Love

I’m sure I don’t need to quote stats on mental illness to you – if you’re reading this blog, you’re more than likely familiar with them. However, a specific type of mental illness that gets little air time is eating disorders. Somehow, they have become dismissed as a ‘phase’ that teenage girls go through, which […]

Mental Illness & Race

With World Mental Health Day falling within Black History Month (10th October), I couldn’t ignore the opportunity to start this conversation. In the UK, people from black and minority ethnic groups (BME) are more likely to experience poor mental health and more likely to experience a negative outcome from treatment. In addition to this, black […]

Summer of Change Festival

By this point in the year, New Year’s resolutions are often a distant memory, even for the most strong-willed amongst us. But that doesn’t mean we should save all of our plans for change until 2018. As my new favourite saying goes if not now…when? To inspire both personal and social change, The Canvas Cafe […]

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