I created Crazy Ambition to help driven individuals achieve their goals without compromising their physical or mental wellbeing. I do this through creating space for open conversations on wellbeing in the workplace using talks, workshops and interactive events, and supporting employee wellbeing through corporate yoga classes. Read more about how we can work together, or get in touch to make a booking.


About Me

I’m Babs, creator of Crazy Ambition and dedicated workplace wellbeing warrior. If you’ve got a while, my first ever blog post explains my motivations for creating Crazy Ambition and my hopes of how it will help others, but for the lazy version – I’m a self confessed career girl and yogini who has struggled with depression and anxiety for a while. On my journey of recovery, I’ve realised that all I’ve ever wanted is to be my best self, but in striving to do that I focused on my career, social life and physical health, leaving my mental health to fall by the wayside. I now understand that any attempt to be successful has to involve a holistic view, and as I continue in my quest, I hope to help others along the way. But what does it mean to be your best self?

Be brave 🦁 It’s so easy to fully immerse yourself in ‘stuff’ (work, gym, partying), going full steam ahead on auto pilot without taking a step back to look at which direction you’re going in. And frankly, it’s a lot less scary than asking yourself the difficult questions; Am I really happy? Is this the best path for me? Should I change? Can I change? But the first step to living your best life is to be 100% honest with yourself about what that means to you.

Be open 👀 Open to change, open with yourself and open with others. Since I’ve started articulating what I truly want in life, rather than suppressing it for fear that it doesn’t fit with my 5 year plan or isn’t the safest bet, opportunity has come a knockin’ more than once. Even if you don’t feel able to be fully transparent, at least start some conversations, dip your toe in and you’ll see that the fear that was holding you back was completely misplaced.

Take action 👊 Intention without action is merely a dream. Be focused on what you want, how you can get there, then feel the fear and do it anyway! If you don’t get the results you want, don’t give up – change your approach. Stumble again? Change your approach. To truly be your best self and live your best life, inaction is not an option. To steal a quote from Luke Cage…always forward, forward always.

This isn’t a one off 3 step process to fix your life. It’s an ongoing cycle and so far for me, it’s taking me exactly where I want to be.

If you have a story to share on the blog or you’re interested in working with me, please get in touch!

The Boring Version

I’m a CIM qualified business developer with over 6 years of experience working in-house in sales and marketing functions. Having worked across B2B and B2C, I have varied industry experience from automotive to legal services. I was recognised for my professional achievements by WeAreTheCity in 2016, being named as a Rising Star – an award which highlights women below management level who are tapped to become future leaders. Each of my roles has involved events strategy & management, and training & internal communications – areas which I’m truly passionate about. Overarching these, is my passion for building relationships and connecting people. I am now focusing this passion in the direction of wellbeing. In 2017, I travelled to India, the centre of yoga and spirituality, to complete a Yoga Alliance certified 200hr yoga teacher training, and in 2018 completed an IICT certified life coaching diploma. Crazy Ambition is my way of bringing all of this together in a way that will support driven individuals like myself in achieving their goals, and support forward thinking companies in building a community rather than just a work force.

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